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Our History & Timeline

Much debate is wrapped around the specifics of the history of the Corporation and the Jackson property since the late 1950’s. Today, most of the original parties are no longer alive. We’ve summarized as best we can, and where details are provided, supporting documentation has been the sole factual basis. 



Laity and clergy members collaborate to raise money across Western USA to acquire Jackson property and construct Mission buildings; both large and small donors contribute and participate to the best of their capacities.



May 21st, July 2nd: St. Sava Mission Corporation incorporated and registered with State of California, as independent IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


July 20th, North America Serbian Eastern Orthodox Diocese relinquishes any of its shared obligations for and ownership of Jackson Mission property to St. Sava Mission Corporation.        READ MORE 


January 18th, North America Serbian Eastern Orthodox Diocese formally deeds Jackson Mission property in its entirety to St. Sava Mission Corporation.



Corporation re-pays donations and loans from former contributors who dispute Corporation’s property title.  Corporation collects hundreds of thousands in donations from over ten thousand individual donors to complete Camp construction and settle mortgages.



St. Sava Mission Corporation collaborates with Western Region KSS (Circle of Serbian Sisters) to conduct annual St. Sava Mission Summer Camp. Each year, hundreds of children and teens, with parents and clergy, participate in 4-7 week Camp sessions every summer; thousands of life-long friendships and relationships are created.


Mission property title disputed in court by Serbian Orthodox Church Western American Diocese until Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release of Claims.


October 18th, Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release of Claims agreed to and signed by Serbian Orthodox Church and Corporation.  

In Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release of Claims, Serbian Orthodox Church fully affirms and accepts Corporation’s Incorporation, By-Laws and purpose and objectives, and activities to-date.  READ MORE  



Concurrent with Settlement Agreement, a Tenancy In Common Agreement between the parties equally divides ownership of Mission property between Corporation and Serbian Orthodox Church. Termination of Tenancy In Common Agreement is Sept. 17, 2036.

Conflict on property title is resolved once and for all with concurrent execution of Settlement and Tenancy In Common Agreements.

1996, 2001


In Assignment and Delegation Agreement, Corporation assigns and delegates its Rights of Use (not ownership) of Corporation’s share of 13 acres of Mission Ground buildings to New Gracanica Metropolitanate of Serbian Orthodox Church.  READ MORE   


Western American Diocese and New Gracanica Metropolitanate assume management of annual Summer Camp.



Western American Diocese & Corporation agree to sell 60 acres of Mission property to Sutter Amador Hospital: proceeds are shared equally between the parties.  Mission Blvd., is created to provide access to the Hospital from Highway 88 to the north.


Corporation begins development of Serbian Senior Citizens housing projects.



Corporation and Western American Diocese begin collaboration on Master Plan. Comprehensive preparatory and planning work is completed.


Mission Blvd., cutting north to south through Mission property (connecting Highway 88 to Highway 49), added to City of Jackson's General Plan.



Little progress made on resolving Senior Citizens housing project differences between co-Tenants-In-Common; Construction of Senior Home project continues to be delayed.  Corporation/Foundation Board tables project until resolution can be achieved.



June 30th.  At Annual Meeting, Corporation Membership unanimously approves new 2007 Long-Range Plan.  Board introduces modernized financial accountability and transparent corporate governance policies & procedures.


September 1st.  At Special Membership Meeting, Corporation Membership nearly-unanimously approves modernized and enhanced Constitution & By-Laws, to provide for stronger asset protections, law and regulatory compliance, independent audit review, and governance.


November.  City of Jackson announces intention to start Mission Blvd. Extension construction, opening access to Sutter Amador Hospital and Highway 88 from Highway 49.


December.  Foundation Property Management Committee meets with Diocesan Administrative Board to work on Response to City of Jackson on Mission Blvd. project.

July. Upon dissolution of New Gracanica Metropolitanate (NGM) in May 2009, as required by the 1996 Assignment and Delegation Agreement, in the spirit of goodwill and continuity, the Foundation formally consents to the assumption of the NGM's rights and duties to the Mission Grounds Rights of Use, by the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Mission Blvd. Extension Project completed. 

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