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2007 Long-Range Plan

At the 2006 Annual Meeting, in recognition of the changes that have occurred in the United States and the world since the early 1960’s, and as the faithful Stewards of valuable resources that should and must be used for the collective Good of our People, the Members voted unanimously to instruct the Board of Directors to create a new long-range business plan for the Corporation (now Foundation).

  • In the year between our 2006 and 2007 Annual Meetings, the Corporation Board of Directors performed the following Business Planning Process:
  • Traveled statewide to conduct six meetings, and conducted numerous conference calls.
  • Agreed that the Corporation’s Purpose is still very relevant, and even more so today than in 1962.
  • Affirmed that the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America fully accepted our creation, existence, purpose and mission in writing in the 1996 Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release of Claims between our two groups.
  • Agreed that the world around us has changed tremendously since 1962: that the City of Jackson, Amador County, and Northern California will continue to grow rapidly.
  • Agreed that outside entities have designs and plans that deeply involve our property, and that we need to be proactive, not reactive, about this.
  • Agreed not to debate or argue about disputes that have been settled in the past, that we cannot change.
  • Agreed that the Corporation must choose its own direction and its own destiny for the benefit of our next generations.
  • Agreed that the Corporation should think, act and operate as a multi-million dollar 21st century USA charitable organization: because that is what we are.
  • Agreed that the Corporation needed a plan of action bigger than what has defined us in the past.
  • Agreed that the Corporation should not try to do things we are not able to be expert at: to minimize risk and maximize success.
  • We started by reviewing our original and still guiding Constitution & By-Laws.
  • We talked to Members and supporters about the intentions and hopes of our grandparents, parents, and past and current Members and supporters.
  • We talked to Members and supporters about the donations and great contributions of time, money and commitment to the Purpose of the Corporation over the past 45+ years.
  • We talked to Members, supporters and non-Members about the current and future Needs of our Serbian-American Community, and the similar and differing priorities of other Serbian groups, here in the Western USA.
  • We confirmed that many of our important Goals and Objectives are deeply desired by our People, but are not and have never been addressed by other groups or entities in our Community.
  • We debated our goals, our priorities and our capabilities.
  • We drafted the Long-Range Plan and presented it in Public Forum Membership Meetings in San Francisco (March 2007), Los Angeles (April 2007), and Jackson (May 2007) for critique, discussion, debate, and revision.
  • The Final version of the Long-Range Plan was affirmed unanimously by Corporation Membership at the June 30, 2007 Annual Meeting.

The 2007 Long-Range Plan

(text in bold print below is unedited language from our original 1962 Articles of Incorporation and Constitution & By-Laws)

To provide facilities for:

1. Summer Camp for Children and Youth: In recognition of the need to actively promote education, values, cultural awareness and building of life-long relationships among our children:

1.1. Summer Camp. Collaborate with the Serbian Orthodox Church Western America Diocese, and other Serbian groups, in promoting participation in annual summer camps at the Mission, emphasizing a balance of cultural, religious, arts, sports, recreational, and relationship-building programs our youth will both benefit from and enjoy.
1.2. Facility Improvement. Contribute materially to the repair and enhancement of Camp buildings, grounds, facilities, and equipment; and general Mission property grounds and facilities.
1.2.1. The Corporation Board will determine an annual Camp Facilities Improvement Plan.
1.2.2. The Corporation Board will determine an annual Mission Grounds Improvement Plan.

2. Senior Citizens: In recognition of the changing demographics of our Serbian senior population in the USA; the rising costs and risks of real-estate development, and elder health care; the true long-term needs of our senior citizens; and, to end the shameful diaspora of our high-need elderly:

2.1. St. Sava Village Assisted Living Facility. On the Mission grounds, construct a dependent-elderly assisted-living (non-medical) facility to provide a centralized, Serb-focused safe-haven home for our treasured seniors now living their latter years separated from their people and cared for by strangers.
2.1.1. The Corporation will partner and collaborate with expert builders and operators of assisted-living facilities to optimize the cost, minimize the risk, and maximize the benefits and success of construction of this vital facility.
2.1.2. The Corporation will partner with: the operators of the assisted-living facility to maximize participation in the facility by dependent-elderly seniors of Serbian heritage and employment of Serb-speaking health/elder-care professionals; the Church to maximize the religious benefits to our elder-care seniors; and, the local City of Jackson and Amador County medical establishment to optimize the local health systems to benefit our seniors.
2.2. St. Sava Village Guest Residence. On the Mission grounds, construct a temporary guest residence facility to house the visiting children, grand-children, and other relatives of the assisted-living residents.
2.2.1. The Corporation will partner and collaborate with expert builders and operators of guest residence facilities to optimize the cost, minimize the risk, and maximize the benefits and success of construction of this required ancillary facility.
2.3. St. Sava Village Retirement Housing. If supported by market demand and financial viability, partner and collaborate with residential real estate development experts to construct a village of small detached and/or multi-unit housing units on Mission grounds to rent/lease to independent seniors of Serbian heritage.

3. Cultural and Educational Purposes:

3.1. St. Sava Mission Museum, Library & Cultural Center. In recognition of the legacy of cultural items, art, books, photographs and other items collected by Serbs in the western USA during their lives in Serbia and the USA, construct on the Mission grounds a building to house a small Museum and Library, including an internet repository/distribution portal capability, devoted to the Serb legacy in the western USA, and a Cultural Center to host meetings, conferences, and social events for Serbs and their guests.
3.2. Youth Development Program. In recognition of the need to advance the academic and economic development and success of our youth, create and administer a grant/gift scholarship fund to annually contribute to worthy students of Serbian heritage in the western USA. And, potentially collaborate with appropriate experts to promote and administer a discount student-loan program for our youth.
3.3. Historical Building Restoration & Enhancement Program. In recognition of the need to preserve and enhance the building and architectural legacy of our historic churches, buildings and other facilities, create and administer a grant/gift fund to annually contribute to worthy projects in the western USA.

4. Recreation and Fellowship

4.1. Sports Facility Program. In recognition of the importance of athletics in the building of relationships between our youth and adults, construct a group of athletic fields and facilities on Mission lands that is not able to be used for any other construction purposes.
4.2. Youth Exchange Program. In recognition of the vital importance of Serbia-to-USA interaction in the building of relationships between our youth, partner with appropriate experts to promote and administer a student exchange program between Serbian families in the western USA and students in Serbia and around the world.

5. Other Allied Needs

5.1. Create and deploy St. Sava Mission Corporation Web Site, to promote and advance communication of Corporation activities, events, and initiatives.
5.2. Create and convene St. Sava Mission Corporation Audit Board, to provide review and oversight of Corporation policies, processes and procedures.
5.3. Create and implement a comprehensive fund-raising program, including events, endowments, legacies, trusts, estate-giving, et. al., possibly engaging the services of fund-raising professionals.
5.4. Create and implement common operating policies and procedures.
5.5. Conduct the operations and administration of the Corporation in full accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and commonly accepted management and accounting principles and methods.

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