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About Us

In 1962, people of Serbian heritage in the Western USA set out to build a shining center of our culture, community and faith in Jackson, California, the site of the first Serbian Orthodox Christian church in North America.

Their goal: to build facilities for a children’s camp, a senior citizen’s home, education and other cultural and community needs. Their vehicle: the independent incorporation of our group.

Today, after over 53 years, the St. Sava Mission Foundation continues to faithfully preserve its Stewardship of this great and vital legacy.

With the children’s camp long-built and successful, today our goals remain a Senior Citizen Assisted-Living Home for our people; a Serbian Heritage Museum, Library & Cultural Center; historical building preservation; student scholarships; sports facilities; and a Serb youth exchange program.

These are community and cultural goals that our organization was originally created to achieve in 1962. And, they are needed now more than ever here in the USA. more…
If you support these ideals and goals, please consider becoming a Member or contributing to the Foundation!