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Foundation Membership Guidelines

As per the Foundation’s Constitution & By-Laws, Article V:

1. Membership – The membership in this organization shall be of general type:

1.1 Individual
1.1.1 Member
1.1.2 Senior Citizen Member

2. Individual Membership – Any person obtaining 18 years of age, residing in the corporate region, and who supports, endorses and subscribes to the existence, purpose, objectives, goals and aims of this non-profit corporation qualifies as an eligible applicant for full membership in this corporation. Senior Citizen Members shall be those persons eligible for membership obtaining 75 years of age.
3. Application for Membership.

3.1 Any person eligible for membership seeking membership in this corporation must make application therefore in writing, on a form set forth by the Board of Directors, to the Secretary of the corporation and said application must be accompanied by the written endorsement and a recommendation of at least two voting Members-In-Good-Standing of the corporation.
3.2 Each application for membership shall be submitted to the existing general membership and voted upon for approval at an annual meeting. All such applications for membership must be submitted to the Secretary at least sixty (60) days before an annual meeting and said motions for approval of each individual application for membership must be carried by a vote of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting at any such meeting. Any person accepted for membership at a regular annual meeting is not eligible to vote on any resolutions or matters coming before that annual meeting or any convened, reconvened, or adjourned sessions thereof, but shall be eligible to vote, for the first time at the following annual meeting.

4. Fees and Dues – The membership of the corporation may, by resolution, establish a reasonable new member initiation fee and annual dues for all members.

4.1 Initiation Fee – Shall be twenty-five dollars (US$25), and shall include membership dues for the first year of membership.
4.2 Annual Dues
4.2.1 Member – Shall be fifty dollars (US$50).
4.2.2 Senior Citizen Member(75 years and Older) – Shall be zero dollars (US$0).