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Serbian Heritage Museum, Library & Cultural Center

A Home For The Collections of Our Cultural Legacies
In recognition of the legacy of—and to preserve for the future—the cultural items, art, books, maps, costumes, coins, artifacts, photographs, music and other items collected by Serbs in the western USA during their lives in the Old Country and in the USA, the Foundation wants to construct—ideally on the Mission property—a Serbian Heritage Museum, Library and Cultural Center to house and display these collections.

We plan that this facility would include an internet repository/distribution portal capability, devoted to the Serb legacy in the Western USA, and a Cultural Center to host meetings, conferences, and social events for Serbs and their guests.

We also plan that the Museum & Library will be built near—ideally walking distance—to the planned Senior Village facilities, and the existing Mission/Camp buildings, so that our children, our elders, and their families, can collectively enjoy, experience, and learn of their history and legacy.

If you or your family have items of true historic and cultural nature, wish to protect and preserve them for the benefit and education of future generations, and might be interested in donating or lending these items to the planned Museum & Library, please e-mail us your expression of interest, or mail it to us at our street address.

E-Mail to: [email protected]
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