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News & Events

November 2007

City of Jackson announces intention to start Mission Blvd., construction; will construct high-traffic 60’ wide boulevard north-to-south across Mission property, across Camp Road, opening access to Sutter Amador Hospital and Highway 88, from Broadway and Highway 49.

Sept 1, 2007

Special Membership Meeting, Jackson, California. Corporation Membership nearly-unanimously approves modernized and enhanced Constitution & By-Laws, to provide for stronger asset protections, law and regulatory compliance, independent audit review, and governance. Name change to St. Sava Mission Foundation approved. Board Audit, and other permanent Committees authorized.

July 2007

Corporation contributes new lifeguard stand to Jackson Mission Camp pool, for summer camp.

June 30, 2007

Annual Meeting, Jackson, California. Corporation Membership unanimously approves new 2007 Long-Range Plan. Board introduces updated financial accountability and transparent corporate governance policies & procedures.

May 2007

Corporation contributes construction and installation of brand new bar facilities at Jackson Mission main hall.

March, April, May 2007

2007 Long-Range Planning presentations conducted in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Jackson.

February 2007

Corporation contributes to the renovation of Dome of New Gracanica Monastery in Third Lake, Illinois.

September 2006

Corporation initiates Long-Range Planning effort.