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Senior Citizens Village

st sava mission 1962

In recognition of the changing demographics of our Serbian-American senior citizens population in the USA; the rising costs of elder health care; the true long-term health and community needs of our senior citizens; and, to end the shameful diaspora of our high-need elderly now in anonymous facilities that do not fulfill their cultural and religious needs, the St. Sava Mission Foundation has re-dedicated itself to one of its Original 1962 Objectives: to construct facilities for our Senior Citizens.

St. Sava Village Assisted Living Facility

As per the Original intent of the Corporation and the Mission land, the Foundation wants to construct–ideally on or near the Mission property–
a dependent-elderly assisted-living (non-medical) facility. This will be to provide a centralized, Serb-focused safe-haven home for our siblings, spouses, parents and grandparents now living their latter years separated from their people and cared for by strangers.

The Foundation intends to partner and collaborate with expert builders and operators of assisted-living facilities to optimize the cost, minimize the risk, and maximize the benefits and success of construction of this vital facility.

The Foundation also intends to partner with the operators of the assisted-living facility to maximize participation in the facility by dependent-elderly seniors of Serbian heritage and employment of Serb-speaking health/elder-care professionals.

And, with Amador County’s Sutter-Amador Hospital literally down the street, the Foundation intends to collaborate with the City of Jackson and Amador County medical and healthcare establishment to optimize the local health systems to benefit our seniors.

Finally, and importantly, the Foundation seeks to work together with the Serbian Orthodox Church to maximize the religious services and benefits to our elder-care seniors: we firmly believe this to be one of the greatest unfulfilled needs for our seniors now living in other non-Serb facilities scattered around the USA.

As of 2007, for land development of this facility on the original Mission property, the Foundation remains in need of the active and timely cooperation and coordination of its co-Tenant-In-Common owner of the property, the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Assisted-living facilities provide a range of care levels for seniors based on their specific mobility, levels of independence, dietary requirements, health and hygiene requirements, and other needs. Often, some residents maintain personal vehicles and high degrees of mobility and independence. While other less mobile residents receive more direct support and assistance in their daily activities. Assisted-living facilities usually provide full food service, laundry service, prescription assistance, and social activities and events.

If you are interested in placing a relative as a resident, or becoming one yourself, of this planned facility, please e-mail us your expression of interest, or mail it to us at our street address.
E-Mail to: [email protected]

St. Sava Village Guest Residence

Also ideally on the Mission property, connected or next to the Assisted Living facility, the Foundation wants to construct a guest residence facility to temporarily house the visiting children, grandchildren, spouses and other relatives of the assisted-living residents.
The Foundation will partner and collaborate with expert builders and operators of guest residence facilities to optimize the cost, minimize the risk, and maximize the benefits and success of construction of this required ancillary facility.

This facility would also ideally be available to, and used by, visiting dignitaries or participants conducting meetings at the nearby Mission/Camp buildings, or at our planned Museum, Library & Cultural Center.

St. Sava Village Retirement Housing

If supported by market demand and financial viability, the Foundation will partner and collaborate with residential real estate development experts to construct a village of small detached and/or multi-unit housing units on, or nearby, the Mission property to rent/lease to independent seniors of Serbian heritage.

This might allow spouses or other family members of Assisted Living facility residents to live permanently nearby, and others to participate and enjoy in the overall culture and community of the entire Village and nearby Museum/Library and Camp.

If you support these ideals and goals, please consider becoming a Member or contributing to the Foundation!